Course curriculum

    1. How To Organize Your RV

    2. Workbook: Your Guide to RV Organization

    3. Introduction Quiz

    1. Step One: Go Through Your Items

    2. Workbook: Sorting

    3. Chapter One Quiz

    1. Step Two: Measure the Areas You Want to Organize

    2. Workbook: Measure

    3. Chapter Two Quiz

    1. Step Three: Create a System That Works for You

    2. Workbook: Purchasing Containers

    3. Chapter Three Quiz

    1. Step Four: Final Steps

    2. Workbook: The Final Step

    3. Chapter Four Quiz

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Xiomara Romero and Stacey Powers

Xiomara Romero, is the owner of Lilly’s Organizing. She took her business as a Professional Organizer on the road and hit the road full time in an Airstream, traveling the U.S. discovering new places, and meeting new faces while bringing dependable organizing services nationwide. Stacey Powers is a full time content creator, photographer and digital nomad who has spent the last 5 years traveling and creating from her tiny home on wheels. She hit the road in search of epic office views and new surf spots. She enjoys sharing photos, her experience as a solo traveler, and an endless zest for adventure along the way.