Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Roadtripping in an EV

    1. EV Basics

    2. Workbook: EV Terms Cheat Sheet

    3. Chapter 1 Quiz

    1. EV Trip Planning

    2. Workbook: EV Road Trip Planning Tips and Apps

    3. Chapter 2 Quiz

    1. What to Bring

    2. Workbook: EV Road Trip Packing List

    3. Chapter 3 Quiz

    1. Towing an RV with an EV

    2. Workbook: Efficiency Planner and EV Towing Tips

    3. Chapter 4 Quiz

    1. Conclusion to Roadtripping in an EV

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Katie and Steve Krivolavek

Katie and Steve Krivolavek are the EV trailblazers behind the All Electric Family. Katie and Steve have driven over 100,000 miles in electric vehicles, with over 5000 of those miles towing a travel trailer. They’ve been RVing since 2017 and towing with an EV since 2020. Their Lincoln, NE based family currently spends their weekends and summers exploring with their 30’ Airstream and fully electric Rivian R1T and Ford Lightning.